Remember The Wounded Ride, Inc (RTWR), is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting combat wounded veterans and their families who find themselves in circumstances where assistance from the usual sources (government, military and Veterans Administration) are not covered or have been exhausted.  Our mission is to help make life better for our combat wounded men and women and their families; educate the public as to the effects of war on the American family and honor the injured and their families of America's wars.

Donations may be made on line through PayPal by clicking on the shield image above or by mail to the address below.  We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Our first and major project has our President and founder, Scot King, peddling his bicycle to the capitals of the lower 48 states to raise awareness and support for our combat wounded veterans and their families.  On May 7, 2011 Scot embarked on the solo bicycle ride to raise awareness of and funds to help combat wounded veterans.  Scot’s trek will take two years to complete.  The first leg (May-October 2011) which covered approximately 6,025 miles has been concluded and the second leg (April-September 2012) will add an additional 8,000 miles.   As part of the ride, Scot will be interviewing combat wounded Veterans and collecting their stories for a series of books that will chronicle their experiences.  He will also be visiting the Governor’s offices of each of the 17 remaining state capitals along the way to request a flag of that state to be brought back to Portland, OR to represent their combat wounded men and women.  These flags will be presented in a special ceremony on or near Veterans Day 2013 and will fly for a year in honor of all combat wounded veterans of this country.

To learn more about the ride and follow its progress, please CLICK HERE

Of primary importance is our Veterans and their Family Assistance Program (VFAP).   This program is designed to directly help individual wounded veterans and their families on a one-on-one basis.  Sometimes a returning wounded veteranís injuries are such that they can be a difficulty when adjusting to civilian life, not only for the veteran but also his/her family as well.  This program will assist them by paying the cost to provide family counseling where needed and to assist with special needs that are not covered by other sources.  It can also help with household emergencies such as replacing a water heater, car repairs, etc.

Remember the Wounded Ride, Inc is pledged to support Operation Military Embrace, a non-profit organization whose mission is to show the wounded military how much the American people appreciate their service and their sacrifices and to raise the publicís awareness of the difficulties and challenges endured by our wounded military and their families.

Remember the Wounded Ride, Inc is also in the process of developing two additional programs:
Red, White and Blue Program:
To teach childeren in grades K-12 the importance of thanking Veterans for their service, what it means to serve our country and to promote patriotism in the young.
Biking with Disabilities Program:
To assist disabled Veterans to live a fulfilling active life by partnering with local bicycle shops and adaptive bicycling manufactures to provide discounts and educational classes for disabled Veterans who are struggling to adapt to an active lifestyle because of their disability.

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Untold Stories of Honor, Courage and Sacrifice

The first book in a series by Scot King

A-Argus Better Book Publishers has been chosen to publish the series AMERICA'S HEROES: Untold Stories of Honor, Courage and Sacrifice. chronicling the stories of average American veterans as told to Scot King's during his heroic twenty-thousand mile bicycle ride on behalf of Remember The Wounded Ride.

Volume I of the series will be available for preorder on December 20, 2011 for only $18.90 US.  Portions of the authors' royalties and portions of the publisher's profits have been assigned to Remember the Wounded RIde, Inc to aid our nations Combat Wounded Veterans and their families.

Beginning November 27, 2011 and effective until December 31, 2011 Argus Enterprises International, Inc, parent company of A-Argus Books will be giving the readers a 25% discount on all titles.  When you check out, PayPal will automatically reflect the discounted price.  In addition, if you order more than three titles, or spend more than forty-five dollars ($45.01 or more), you will receive free shipping. (U.S. only)

To order your copy of AMERICA'S HEROES, please CLICK HERE to be linked to A-Argus Better Book Publishers' site.

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